10/10/11 - NASA "Hallmarks of Success":  Improved Astronaut Gloves

07/15/11 - IdeaConnection.com:  Open Innovation: Astronaut Glove

02/02/11 - Space Frontier Foundation:  Flagsuit Handed Contract To Develop Improved Gloves For NASA Space Suits

10/13/10 - MITnews:  Lending A Hand

09/13/10 - National Geographic:  Astronauts' Fingernails Falling Off Due to Glove Design

05/17/10 - NASA:  Astronaut Glove Prizewinners Demonstrate their Innovations to NASA Spacesuit Engineers

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11/20/09 - Universe Today:  Astronaut Glove Challenge Winners Announced

11/20/09 - NASA:  NASA Awards $350,000 to Winning Astronaut Glove Designers

08/12/09 - Parabolic Arc:  Flagsuit Wins Space Frontier Foundation Business Competition

07/03/09 - Space Fellowship:  Finalists Selected for the Heinlein NewSpace Business Plan Competition

06/30/08 - The Space Review:  Review: Space on the Mall

03/17/08 - PRWeb.com:  Flagsuit LLC Delivers First Commercial Space Suit Gloves

01/20/08 - Wired magazine:  Geeky Dad Wins NASA Challenge

11/16/07 - Space.com:  Commercial Spacesuit Tailors Hire NASA Contest Winner

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05/04/07 - Space.com:  Homemade Space Glove Wins NASA Contest
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